• Peer Support Team Development and Training

  • Leadership Communication

  • ​PTSD Prevention Plan Development and Implementation

  • ​Dealing with Challenging Clients

  • ​Mental Health Training

  • ​Mental Health and PTSD Awareness


Dave Connor retired as a District Chief with Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services after 35 years of service. He initiated the MFES Peer Support program in 1989, and co-developed and delivered a mental health training program for over 650 members, receiving an Award of Merit from the International Association of Firefighters. Dave has trained hundreds of officers in mental health and leadership communication, and consults on workplace mental health best practices in the government, education and public safety sectors. He is an author, speaker, mental health and peer support trainer, and serves as a special advisor to the Mood Disorders Society for peer support. 

People are an organization's greatest asset. A psychologically safe and healthy workplace helps keep employees engaged, and builds an environment where supervisors become true leaders.

Whether your workplace is in  Government, Education, Volunteer or the  Public Safety Sectors, we can help create a psychologically safe environment while developing the leadership communication skills of your people. We take a solution focused approach to best practices in workplace mental health.
D. Connor
D. Connor

D. Connor
D. Connor