Peer Support Teams are the cornerstone of wellness and internal support systems, and provide a cost effective way to meet the primary objectives of the National Standard for Psychological Safety in the workplace (Canada). We use a solution focused approach to ongoing support, and provide new and current  members with the skills needed to aid their peers in times of crisis.

Peer Support Development and Training
Leadership Communication

We utilize brain science to improve  the communication skills of your supervisory staff. Providing  performance feedback and dealing with personnel who may be struggling can be a source of anxiety.  It is difficult for supervisors to manage a workplace without some training in maintaining dialogue and keeping your people engaged.

Clients sometimes present in an agitated state. This  program will assist your team members in identifying signs of increased agitation and aggression, and develop  de-escalation skills as required. Brain science is used to maintain a calm, respectful exchange, and safety and environmental planning are explored. Counter staff, faculty, bylaw/code enforcement personnel and others who come in contact with unsatisfied customers will find this half day program useful.

Dealing with Challenging Clients
Mental Health/PTSD Awareness
Mental Health
PTSD Plan Development and Implementation

Is your organization taking reasonable steps to reduce preventable stress? Does your return to work/accommodation program facilitate re-entry post occupational stress injury? Have you prepared the workplace for an injured employee's successful return? We can review your program and make recommendations for an effective education/awareness/return outcome.

The most effective Mental Health training programs are customized to the individual workplace. We can develop a program that meets the needs of your organization using case studies and workshops that resonate with your workforce. The National Standard for Psychological Safety requires mental health training for supervisors. A customized program allows you to meet the standard while focusing on the key components that most affect you.

This 2.5 hour program provides employees and partners/adult children with awareness level knowledge of the effects of acute stress and best practices to minimize the effects of critical incidents. Designed for first responders, it is suitable for all workers who may be exposed to trauma and is ideally provided prior to active response.


We provide customized  services to meet your individual requirements in addition to the items listed below.