“Mental health and its stigma are two things we take very serious in our department.  We understand that it can be a very difficult and contentious issue with some of our staff.  Since securing his services 4 years ago, it has been very clear he is the right choice for our annual training.  His excellent delivery combined with validated experience and very impressive interpersonal skills allow him to quickly build relationships and develop trust within the group.  I have full confidence he can help your organization as he has ours.”


Roree Payment, Deputy Fire Chief

Clearview Fire and Emergency Services

As a retired fire chief and trauma survivor, Dave Connor sheds new light on the impact of mental health issues and trauma. He is a skilled leader and facilitator with a talent for sharing personal anecdotes in a sincere and meaningful way to engage participants in an important conversation about their own mental well-being and resiliency.  Dave is an excellent choice for small or large audiences.

Sue-Ann Maislin, B.A., M.A.
Facilitator and Consultant





Dave Connor’s personal experience highlights the need for organizations to put plans in place to support staff who work in high stress environments.  Dave has put together a program that outlines what organizations can do to incorporate structures to support staff.  In addition, he trains staff in how they can support themselves and each other so they are part of the solution.  What I liked best about Dave’s presentation is his message that although we all have a responsibility to support ourselves and each other when dealing with stress, we can learn how to deal with it.   Using his sense of humour and pulling on his extensive experience, Dave highlights how we can each learn to manage stress.

Sandra Trupp, Principal, Peel District School Board